Antique textile design archive of Andre Heget. Antique and vintage fabrics, silks, and other collectible textiles.

Europe's largest Antique Textile collection with beautiful and authentic antique fabrics from the 19th century.
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European Textile Fabrication Books
Antique Fabrics
Antique Textile Samples
Original antique volumes of European textile mills fabrication books with samples and dated technical data
Vintage design studios paintings from the 19th and 20th century.
Over one million antique textile samples classified by style, type and subjects:
lace, ribbon, scarves, neckties, plaids, stripes, embroideries, wallpapers, paisleys, prints, jacquards,
curtains, upholsteries and ethnic marvels.

These antique and vintage collections are available as resource material as design inspiration for fashion and home
furnishing. You can buy designs, samples or a complete sample book.
andre heget antique textile fabric designs
Andre Heget Antique Textile and Fabric Designs. Como, Italy